Cozy Coffee Shops and Breakfast Stops

When your hands yearn to hold a warm mug, and the cozy ambiance of nearby shops and restaurants beckon you to nestle inside, there’s nothing more satisfying than granting yourself those very wishes! We know that comforting feeling of stepping into a coffee shop and being pleasantly overwhelmed with the scent of roasted and brewed coffee beans, laying eyes on the usual accoutrements – creams, sugars, spices and flavorings – hearing the sounds of grinding, steaming, pouring and finally – order up!

The fall and winter seasons are two of the best to embrace what some may consider an everyday component of the daily grind. But what if there were places that turned the typical coffee run into something more memorable?

In Yates County, you’ll find just that. We’ve highlighted local-favorite coffee shops and restaurants offering morning brews and relaxing views.

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Amity Coffee: 3 Main Street, Penn Yan, NY

Amity is defined as friendship; harmony; warmth and goodwill – and that’s exactly what customers will find stepping into what has been described as a “beautiful, feel at home space.” The atmosphere invites you to just rest and enjoy the beverages prepared by dedicated staff. And not only does Amity Coffee take pride in the coffee and tea they serve guests, they are dedicated to cultivating community and embrace their importance as an anchor point in the area that brings people together. Their small food menu and handmade baked goods and pastries utilize many local ingredients. They also offer operate as a multi-roaster shop with an anchor roaster partnership with Gimme Coffee and a second guest roaster that rotates every few months – in turn, adding variety and fostering new connections.


Oak Leaf Café: 3173 NY-14A, Penn Yan, NY

Each morning, Oak Leaf Café serves freshly brewed coffee and a soothing selection of teas to help start your day off right. If you want to try something different or need a pick-me-up, they offer a variety of iced and specialty drinks, and they’ll customize your beverage just to your liking – whether that means a non-dairy substitute in your drink or whipped cream on top! And be sure to check out their breakfast and pastry options – the perfect way to complete your coffee shop experience!


Black Cat Bistro: 2808 State Route 54A, Penn Yan, NY

Black Cat Bistro is a terrific option when you’re looking to enjoy your coffee in a cozy lakeside setting. After making your coffee or beverage choice, make your way to their deck that overlooks Keuka Lake for views that will add to your visit. See what pastries and bites they’re serving to create even more of a magical dining experience. Lastly, as the Black Cat Bistro says: They’re more than just a “javalicious place” to eat and drink – they’re a great place to shop! Visit their store for coffee beans, treats and more to create your own cozy experience at home.


Penn Yan Diner: 131 East Elm Street, Penn Yan, NY

There’s something about diner coffee that just hits the spot! And since Penn Yan diner offers bottomless coffee, you can sip to your heart’s content. How about a side of breakfast with that cup of joe? This award-winning local favorite cooks everything from pancakes, French toast and waffles, to breakfast sandwiches and burritos, to omelets you can customize to your liking. Trust us – you won’t go wrong with anything you order! And with its authentic diner feel, the nostalgia alone will wrap you up in a feeling of warmth. Not to mention, they have been awarded best diner in New York State!


Main Deck: 301 Lake Street, Penn Yan, NY

Picture yourself in a carefree mode, enjoying stunning, lakeside views between warm sips of coffee and mouth-watering bites of breakfast fare on a Sunday morning. Make your way to Main Deck for Sunday brunch and this delicious daydream is a reality! Whether you choose to sit indoors or fireside on the restaurant’s patio overlooking Keuka Lake, nothing gives a more warming vibe than the savory, sweet and decadently divine taste of weekend brunch – adding flavor and new meaning to the phrase “golden hour.”

Blue Heron Bakery: 136 Water Street, Penn Yan, NY

This cozy artisan bakery is situated in a newer developed area in Downtown Penn Yan, surrounded by other eateries and unique beverage spots. They specialize in breads and pastries, while also catering to their growing wholesale business. You can find their products at many local restaurants, wineries, and breweries. Grab a coffee and danish before you hit the road to explore!

Don’t stop there! Keep exploring our great eateries, cafes and cozy restaurants and plan out a full day of meals!